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Best Of 31 Examples Excel Don't Chart Zero Values
  how to suppress 0 values in an excel chart techrepublic the 0 values arent charted but excel continues to display their category labels on the axis no panacea there isnt an easy one size fits all solution for the problem of 0 less charts how to hide zero data labels in chart in excel extendoffice sometimes you may add data labels in chart for making the data value more clearly and directly in excel but in some cases there are zero data labels in the chart and you may want to hide these zer hiding zero value cells in chart excel tips solutions re hiding zero value cells in chart a cell with a formula is not a blank or empty cell it contains a formula even if the formula returns is not nothing its a very short piece of text how can i hide 0 value data labels in an excel chart i would like to hide data labels on a chart that have 0 as a value in an efficient way i know this can be done manually by clicking on every single label but this is tedious when dealing with big ta excel dont chart zero values tech support guy i have a chart that shows performance each week for a year its source is from a spreadsheet that has formulas in it referring to each week the problem is that the chart drops and reflects zero value dont want to plot zero values in line chart excel since this year isnt done yet i want to plot only real values not zeros it makes the line crash into the x axis problem is the data series is a series of formulas calling values from another wo ignore cells on excel line graph stack overflow in excel 2007 you have the option to show empty cells as gaps zero or connect data points with a line i assume its similar for excel 2010 if none of these are optimal and you have a chunk of da excel line charts why the line drops to zero and how to as long as we dont have any entries for the last six days the total revenue for these days would be zero to excel it looks like the sales suddenly dropped from 144 to 0 overnight to exc excel bar chart suppress zeros this shows a way to suppress zeros on a bar chart when using data labels  Best Of 31 Examples Excel Don't Chart Zero Values

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